sound Engineer

Ahatanada Studios



Andy has engineered. mixed and mastered a number of CD projects for various artists. He has also worked on other projects recording and editing for certain songs on those albums. His interest and skill in this area came to people’s attention from his work recording his own group ‘Tatopani’. The group recorded its first two CDs themselves (largely due to financial reasons, but also from too many bad experiences with studio engineers just not getting it right!!) Andy took to recording like a duck to water and word soon spread. This subsequently led to requests from musician friends who were also very conscious of the importance of good sound. With limited resources, but a good pair of ears and lots of dedication, he has been able to come up with amazing results.

Andy started up his own home studio “Ahatanada Studios” to provide this service. Since 2009 he has been working in collaboration with bassist Daiki Yasukagawa, who started his own record label “D-musica”, featuring the cream of Japan’s young and creative jazz musicians, as well as artists from Europe and the USA. Although only 2 years old, the label has already released 12 CDs! - with more on the way. Andy has either mixed or mastered or both, 11 of the 12 CDS.

Check out the sound files by clicking on the pile of CDs below and enjoy! The one on the right will take you to the D-musica website.