Andy Bevan was born in Perth and raised in Adelaide, South Australia. After initial studies on flute and piano, he pursued a performance degree on the tenor saxophone at the Adelaide College of Arts and Education. Following several years working as a professional musician in Australia, he traveled for a year and a half in South East Asia, absorbing the various cultures and musical traditions of lndonesia, Thailand, Nepal and India. Along with playing a wide range of woodwind instruments from saxophone to bansuri flute, his association with Australian aboriginal musicians inspired him to play the didjeridoo, the role of which he has expanded into previously unheard-of instrumental combinations. His distinctive sound and the array of colors he brings to any group have put him in great demand in a variety of situations. He now resides in Japan, actively performing a broad range of music from jazz and Brazilian to fusion and world music, including the modern world-music trio Tatopani, which has recorded and performed extensively over the past decade.
In recent years Andy has been extending his musical talents into the field of sound engineering. He has recorded and mixed CDs for various artists and has received high praise from both musicians and critics for his deep, warm and natural acoustic sound. Click here to hear samples of his work - Sound Engineer

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